My Services

I work with individuals, families and communities to help them navigate dying and death-care.  I can be of service for specific tasks or provide support through multiple steps. After our first contact, my usual process is to have a detailed consultation where we discuss what will be helpful. We can then design my services according to how they can best support you, and develop an appropriate fee schedule. Sometimes we may only meet once if your needs are relatively simple.

The following list includes many of the services I can provide and ways we can work together, but it is not exhaustive.

Educational Presentations:

I give presentations or workshops on end of life preparation:  

  • getting your affairs/estate in order
  • advanced care planning
  • home funerals (home death-care

I offer general or specific conversations about death for family, friends or community groups.  As well, I facilitate:

  • Death Cafés
  • games about living and dying well (ex. My Gift of Grace)
  • film events

Death Preparation:

I help with coordination and advocacy related to care needs, and with the practical aspects of  dying in the home. I assist individuals with:

  • putting their affairs in order
  • advance care planning and preparation
  • planning and organising related to household and/or care needs
  • funeral planning
  • practical daily tasks
  • creating meaningful legacy projects

Death Support:

  • I provide compassionate support for the person who is dying, as well as their loved ones and community. This may be practical, social or spiritual. Sometimes what is most needed is to be present–to hold space, providing a calm presence in the face of death, and modelling death acceptance in an environment of respect, sanctity, and reverence.
  • Touch can be a precious and healing gift in times of stress and pain. I provide palliative massage to my clients for relaxation, to improve circulation, and to relieve tired, sore muscles and the discomfort that can accumulate as the body slows down. I can also teach family and friends how to provide comfort with touch. 
  • I provide vigil support so that the dying person is not alone. To vigil is to be a quiet presence to the dying process; to sit with the dying person and keep watch. Sometimes nothing is said; sometimes it requires being a compassionate listener. This does not replace the role of family and friends if they are available, but supports it.

After-Death Support:

  • I provide information and work with you to understand and decide on funeral options and other after-death procedures and requirements.
  • If you would like a home funeral (after death-care in the home), I offer consultation and guidance for respectful care of the body, and for the preparation of the necessary paperwork.
  • I can assist with the creation of rituals that are meaningful.